Trend-Friend. Any Time frame

For the ones that are still interested in the Trend-Friend. Any Time frame, here’s an updated version I’ve been using for a while now and have about the same success rate with (70 to 80%), but since I use it onĀ  Any Time frame, there are more trading opportunities.

Here it is Forex/binary Guru.  

Peace Patrick

 Okay folks its been ages since I posted a new strategy and the reason was I could not find anything better than what I already posted. But last that have changed. I actually been using this kinda style since months but I was always going back to No Cloud Ichi for 5m or above expiry because smaller expiry wasn’t a big attraction to me.Last week as I dug deep into it I felt its worth sharing.

Note : I have not traded it much just back tested and took some live trades , results are great so far but please do test it and then see if you like it.

Things not to do : Do not add an indicator unless you can prove that it really helps to prevent the losing trades.Test it before you put it out there , dont just be like ” IF we add this indicator I think it might save us some losers” But do it this way , add the indicator to your chart and then mark the losing trades you saved and then post the screenshot and the indicator . You are most welcome to change the settings of the indicator used too maybe we can find better settings.

Also as the name suggests it is a trend based strategy so do not trade in choppy market however it is not a major trend based strategy so once you read it you will see that you can trade it almost anytime , I know confusing but just read and you will get what I mean.

Strategy : Lets call it Trend-Friend as it based on trend even if it the smallest temporary trend. There are two ways to trade it , Aggressive- 60 sec trades , Non Aggressive- 2min trades. Both ways are equally good so try them both.

Indicators Used : Moving Averages and Stoch.

60 sec strategy – Agressive – When the main chart MA channel and stoch channel are trending to same direction we take trade on every candle to that direction untill we lose , Once we lose we martingale on next candle after the losing trade if both channels are still in the same direction. I know people don’t like to martingale but this type of martingale wont hurt you much , the most consecutive loss I have seen is 2 so yeah but then if you still don’t like to martingale then just stop at losing trade and wait for next setup to become valid.

Here is the picture

2 min trades – Non Aggressive – We only take trades when there is candle which goes against the both channel , we take 2min call or put towards the channel direction once that opposite candle finishes. If we lose we can martingale to recover on this one too.

In above picture you will see the trades in first uptrend which I did not mark after the 4th vertical line there were 2 more down candles which met out requirements as per main channel but sub window channel didn’t agree so we just let it go , there are 100’s of trades in a day with this strategy even if you just trade 4 major pair so you don’t need to rush and hey I don’t want to trade more than 10 trades a day and that is me stretching myself.

Now have I traded a lot with this strategy ? NO ……. Then why am I posting this ? Because I think its pretty good and I think its better than my no cloud ( yes I did say that ) and because I will be using this going forward and most importantly I want some fame time on forum been ages so if not anything it might be hot topic for few days and I will have my fame.

I think I have covered important parts and made all the rules clear , still if you have questions shoot it .


Peace Patrick

PS : it is not 60 sec or 2min expiry strategy only , it’s rather one candle or two candle expiry which can be done to any time frame if you know what I mean.

Credits to Singh

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